Romania: Natural Beauty and Quirky Sights

13 Sep 2019

When people think of traveling in Europe, places like London, Paris, Italy and Spain usually come to mind. The top traveled places on the continent are famous for good reason. They all have impressive landscapes, delicious food and endless things to see and do. That being said, travellers who stick to the big name destinations miss some of the greatest gems Europe has to offer. One of those often overlooked but brightly shining gems is Romania. Read more »

6 Types Of Eco-Holidays In Vietnam

06 Sep 2019

Eco-travellers seeking an experience rich in culture, history and stunning scenery, will find it hard to resist the appeal of Vietnam. Stretching down the southeast coast of Asia, Vietnam is full of dramatic mountain ranges, bustling cities, luscious jungles and relaxed river villages that all embody a rich historical heritage. With so many experiences to be had, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in this spectacular country in an eco-conscious way. Read more »

How To: Adventure Holidays With Ecological Benefits

05 Aug 2019

We all have different intentions when we travel; whether your idea is to relax, learn about a new culture, seek an adventure or all of the above. Whatever your purpose, there are many alternate types of transport available that impact the places you’re going and the people you’ll meet. Read more »

Mass Tourism And How To Avoid It

03 Jul 2019

Imagine you’ve been saving for your holiday all year, you’ve taken the leave off work, you’ve travelled hundreds of miles from home and when you finally arrive at your destination you come to realise that thousands of others have decided on the exact same location, at the exact same time. This can be defined as mass tourism and in recent years has become detrimental to local communities, small businesses and our environment. Read more »

Why eco friendly travel?

31 May 2019

Travellers are taking a more conscious thought towards eco-friendly places, but what exactly is eco-friendly tourism? Nowadays, powerful messages can be sent through the world via social media. For example, messages such as how certain species of animals are being pushed to extinction. These messages hit the hearts of many travellers and it can trigger action to stop or think about how tourism is affecting certain areas. Read more »

Ethiopian cooking

12 Mar 2019

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Ethiopian tribes

21 Aug 2016

There are numerous Ethiopian tribes and ethnic groups. Just like the people of Africa in general, the people of Ethiopia are a diverse group with over eighty different ethnic groups and languages within its borders. There are different ethnic groups just in the Omo Valley. These include the Benna, Ari, Mursi, Bume, karo, Tsemay, Konso, Hammer, Dassecnech, and Borenna, just to mention a few. Read more »

Geography of Ethiopia

04 Feb 2016

Situated between the Red Sea and the Great African Rift Valley, on the eastern flank of Africa, facing Arabia, lays Africa Cradle of Humanity - Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a landlocked country in the northeastern African region known as the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by... Read more »

Practical information

21 Jan 2016

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Things to do in Ethiopia

10 Jan 2016

Ethiopia is full of extraordinary landscapes as well as historical sights. In fact it's the country in Africa with the biggest number of places inscribed to UNESCO world heritage list. Read more »

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