Mass Tourism And How To Avoid It

03 Jul 2019

Imagine you’ve been saving for your holiday all year, you’ve taken the leave off work, you’ve travelled hundreds of miles from home and when you finally arrive at your destination you come to realise that thousands of others have decided on the exact same location, at the exact same time. This can be defined as mass tourism and in recent years has become detrimental to local communities, small businesses and our environment. Read more »

Why eco friendly travel?

31 May 2019

Travellers are taking a more conscious thought towards eco-friendly places, but what exactly is eco-friendly tourism? Nowadays, powerful messages can be sent through the world via social media. For example, messages such as how certain species of animals are being pushed to extinction. These messages hit the hearts of many travellers and it can trigger action to stop or think about how tourism is affecting certain areas. Read more »

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