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Holidays & tours in India

India is a country of magnificent contrasts, and it is a joy for any traveller to explore. India is mystical yet cosmopolitan; sophisticated and yet a spiritual centre. These elements are found in its culture, its cuisine, its people and its natural beauty.

Day tours in India

One of India's most significant stops is the Taj Mahal, in Agra. It is one of the original Seven Wonders of the World and it is indeed a wonder to behold, and many of our day tours in India include a visit to this incredible destination. There are other grand palaces to explore, too, including Jal Mahal, the Water Palace; Hawa Mahal, the Wind Palace, and City Palace in Jaipur.

Trying local cuisine is a delightful part of any vacation, and sampling the many flavours and influences of this ancient culture is a highlight of multiday and day tours in India. Even elephant rides are available if you're so inclined...it's just one of a variety of adventures awaiting you. India is for everyone: spiritual seekers, nature lovers, urban adventurers and fine cuisine aficionados.

India is a country that is ideal for anyone who want more than just a holiday, they want an experience. Lots of our day tours in India combine the best the country has to offer, in natural wonders, cultural experiences, a huge, varied cuisine, and much, much more.

Get to know India...one of the world's great spiritual centres...and so much more on our day trips and multiday tours.