Bulgaria Tours & Day Trips

Bulgaria, a country rich in fascinating history, culture, and natural beauty, offers an array of experiences that make it a unique destination for travellers. From the majestic Rila Monastery nestled in the mountains to the vibrant city streets of Sofia and the sun-drenched beaches of the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria tours promise an unforgettable journey through a land of diverse landscapes and stories.

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Attractions: Experience everything from ancient historical sites and vibrant city life to serene natural landscapes and bustling seaside resorts.
  • Rich Cultural Tapestry: Dive into Bulgaria's deep historical roots, evident in its UNESCO sites, traditional festivals, and unique architectural styles.
  • Scenic Adventures: Whether it's exploring the spiritual serenity of Rila Monastery, the ski slopes of Bansko, or the sunny beaches of the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria offers a wealth of outdoor activities.
  • Culinary Delights: Savour the flavours of Bulgarian cuisine, from hearty banitsa to the fine wines of local vineyards, complemented by the warmth of Bulgarian hospitality.
  • Accessible Travel: With comprehensive travel tips and practical information, navigating Bulgaria is made easy, enhancing the overall experience for all types of travellers.

Explore Bulgaria


The capital city Sofia stands out with its rich history and cultural significance. Attractions such as the stunning Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the historical ruins of Serdica are interspersed with lively cafes and green parks. Sofia not only captivates with its Orthodox Churches but also with contemporary cultural festivals. The city's bustling marketplaces and the tranquil Boyana Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reflect its diverse heritage. Sofia's unique blend of ancient and modern offers a comprehensive insight into Bulgarian culture, inviting visitors to explore its storied streets and hidden gems.


Plovdiv, known for its Roman theatre and charming old town, is a mosaic of history and art. The city's vibrant cultural scene is complemented by the architectural wonders that have stood the test of time, making it a highlight on any Bulgaria excursion. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Plovdiv's ancient city of Philippopolis invites you to stroll through streets lined with colourful 19th-century mansions, which now host galleries, museums, and cafes. The city is also famous for hosting various cultural festivals that blend traditional and contemporary arts, enhancing its appeal as a dynamic hub for tourists.

Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery, a symbol of the spiritual heritage of the Bulgarian people, stands in the Rila Mountains. It's renowned for its elaborate frescoes and historical importance. The monastery is a must-visit for anyone interested in the depth of Bulgaria's religious and cultural past. Founded by St. John of Rila in the 10th century, this largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria is a masterpiece of architectural design and fresco art, often referred to as the 'Jerusalem of Bulgaria'. Surrounded by the serene forests of the mountains, it offers a peaceful retreat and a profound glimpse into the monastic life.


Bansko is best known for its ski resorts and outdoor adventures. The town offers stunning scenic views and activities like hiking and skiing, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. Beyond the slopes, Bansko is rich in history and culture, boasting a charming old town with traditional Bulgarian architecture and numerous taverns serving local cuisine. In summer, the mountains provide excellent opportunities for mountain biking and trekking, ensuring that Bansko is a vibrant year-round destination for both adrenaline seekers and those looking to unwind amidst nature.

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo, often hailed as the "City of the Tsars," is one of Bulgaria's most storied cities, rich in history and majesty. This medieval capital mesmerizes visitors with its dramatic landscapes and the Tsarevets Fortress standing proudly atop the town. The fortress is a prime example of Bulgaria's medieval architecture and the scene of the spectacular Sound and Light show, which vividly reenacts Bulgaria’s grand history. The old town's cobbled streets and traditional crafts market offer a glimpse into the past, while modern cafes and galleries dot the scenic Yantra River, blending the ancient with the contemporary in this historic jewel.

Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea Coast is famed for its beautiful beaches, dynamic resorts, and quaint coastal towns. With places like Sunny Beach and Nessebar, visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports, vibrant nightlife, and historical sites. The coastline stretches over 350 kilometres, offering diverse experiences from the bustling atmosphere of Golden Sands to the more relaxed and family-friendly ambience of Sozopol. The region is also known for its therapeutic mud baths and the ancient city of Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which offers a rich history dating back to Thracian times, making it a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural exploration.

Travel Tips for Bulgaria

Best Times to Visit

Spring and early autumn are ideal for visiting Bulgaria, offering pleasant weather and the opportunity to avoid the summer tourist crowds.

Currency & Exchange Information

The Bulgarian Lev is the currency of Bulgaria. Visitors will find ATMs widely available, and credit cards are accepted in major hotels and shops.

Transportation Options

Bulgaria offers extensive public transportation options including buses, trains, and a growing network of highways for those renting cars.

Local Customs & Etiquette

Bulgarian people are known for their hospitality. When visiting Orthodox Churches or religious sites, dressing modestly is appreciated.

Bulgarian Cuisine Recommendations

Don't miss trying local dishes like Shopska salad, and banitsa, and enjoying the burgeoning wine tours in regions known for their vineyards.

Explore More

Activities in Focus

  • Veliko Tarnovo: Explore the historic city known for its medieval fortress.
  • Wine tours: Discover Bulgaria's wine regions with a private guide.
  • Black Sea adventures: Enjoy the sunny beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Practical Information about Bulgaria

Fact Details
Currency Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Best Time to Visit May to June & September to October
Must-Visit Cities Sofia, Plovdiv, Bansko
Cultural Sites Rila Monastery, Boyana Church, Roman Theatre in Plovdiv
Popular Tours Rila Monastery and Boyana Church tour; Belogradchik Rocks and Venetsa Cave day trip


What language is spoken in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian is the official language. English is commonly used in major tourist areas.

What currency is used in Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian Lev (BGN) is the official currency.

Do I need a visa to travel to Bulgaria?

Visitors from the EU, the US, and many other countries do not need a visa for short visits. Others should check the current requirements.

When is the best time to visit Bulgaria?

The best times to visit are spring (May and June) and early autumn (September and October).

What is the best method of transportation in Bulgaria?

Public transport is widely available, and renting a car is a great option for flexibility.

Is Bulgaria a family-friendly destination?

Yes, with its beaches, historical sites, and cultural experiences, Bulgaria offers something for the whole family.

What to know about Bulgaria before visiting?

Understand basic customs, currency, and a few Bulgarian phrases to enhance your experience.

What are 5 interesting facts about Bulgaria?

  1. Bulgaria is the oldest European country that hasn’t changed its name since it was first established.
  2. It's known for the Rose Valley, the world's largest rose oil producer.
  3. The Cyrillic script was developed in the 9th century in Bulgaria.
  4. It hosts the annual International Bagpipe Contest.
  5. Bulgaria has a rich tradition of folklore, music, and crafts.

What is Bulgaria best known for?

Bulgaria is famous for its historical sites, cultural festivals, and natural landscapes like the Rila Monastery, Black Sea resorts, and its vibrant capital, Sofia.

Each visit to Bulgaria offers a new perspective on this beautiful country that seamlessly weaves together its rich past with a vibrant present, promising unforgettable memories and diverse experiences for every traveller. Whether exploring ancient cities, engaging with the friendly locals, or enjoying the natural landscapes, Bulgaria tours ensure a journey filled with enriching experiences and insights.