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South Africa Safari & Holidays

South Africa is an extraordinary destination for travellers who seek either wildlife, cultural or historical experience. Its multicultural cities, tormenting history and rich wildlife attracts many visitors. And South Africa is the perfect place for those dreaming of wildlife safari to tick it off the bucket list!

The main attraction for animal lovers is Kruger National Park. Its location in the eastern part of the country makes it the best perfect destination for safari near Johannesburg.

You’ll never have an animal encounter as authentic than riding around the Africa planes in a jeep spotting elephants, rhinos, giraffes and many more, it’s a lion kings lover’s dream! One of the best safari near Johannesburg is in Kruger Park, which caters to everyone’s need from 2-6 day package tours, with experienced tour guides and luxury accommodation, this will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Johannesburg city is also popular for visiting historical places linked to Nelson Mandela's life and political activity. Try Soweto tour for historical experience of fight against apartheid.

The second most popular attraction in South Africa is Cape Town, a stunning city overlooked by the impressive Table Mountain and the notorious prison that once held Nelson Mandela, which is now a living museum. Breathtaking landscapes, water activities and cultural experiences - this is what you should look for. Try our Malay cooking tour.

South Africa is only a hand full of places in the world where you can cave dive with the oceans great white sharks, so if you’re looking for an adrenaline-fuelled experience, you won’t be disappointed!

South Africa really is full of amazing scenery, interesting history, friendly people, tasty food and vast vineyards serving some of the world’s best wines. What’s not to love!