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Who can join?

Exploriada works with professional tour operators, local tour providers, individual tour guides and travel agencies. Everyone who wants to promote own tour packages can join and increase sales with Exploriada.

Are you a blogger and want rather to earn commission as an affiliate? Join Exploriada Affiliate Program

No limits on products

No minimum number of products required to advertise and no minimum or maximum number of travelers required per tour. Whether you are a tour guide who just do one tour or a biger travel agency - you can become Exploriada tour supplier.

How much is it?

We believe that your success is our success and it's you who does the hard work. We also want to offer our clients a fair price for their holiday. This is why we keep our commission to the minimum. And we charge you only when a client books your product - nothing upfront.

Benefits of partnership

  • Your tours listed on the www.exploriada.com marketplace.
  • Free to use You pay only a low commission when a client books your tour. No hidden charges.
  • Upload and advertise travel experiences with Exploriada - as many as you wish. The more you publish the more exposure you get.
  • Unbiased reviews - only from clients who know your products.
  • We handle all tours marketing for free - you get promotion through our social media channels, partners and newsletter.
  • Enhanced promotion of standard and eco-friendly tours and safaris.
  • We handle all payments on your behalf.
  • We listen to our suppliers - always count on fast support and help.

Read our Help for more information of partnering with Exploriada.

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