Holiday & tours in Norway

This Scandinavian country has a lot of history, cool designs, Viking ancestors and a growing economy. Topped with lots of natural resource and lots of oil to export, it’s easy to see why Norway is the ruling country in the Peninsula. With just a population of a little over 5 million people, the country is mostly populated in the southern region as the northern region has tall, beautiful majestic mountains in cold and harsh conditions.

As a matter of fact, the first Vikings were believed to have come from Norway. So much has the Viking culture spread that some of the world’s most famous movies and TV shows have been shot in Norway. For instance, Game of Thrones, which is a medieval series about the world’s earliest civilisations, is considered the best series in the world right now. Fans of Game of Thrones will definitely find Norway tours a wonderful experience especially during the Oslo Beer Tour depicting the Viking drinking culture. Here is a brief list of the most incredible things to see in Norway.

Nigardsbreen Glacier

This glacier is an arm of the largest glacier in continental Europe that makes Norway tours so exciting. To get to the glacier, small boats will transport you across the palest, most turquoise blue glacier water you have ever seen in your whole life. The glacier hike is one of the most breathtaking experiences out there and many tourists are rushing to see during the Oslo Winter Tour before it melts out of global warming.


As Norway’s largest fjord, Sognefjord offers huge fun and adventure. Visitors here can choose from a wide range of exhilarating adventures like riding the world’s steepest railway through snow-capped mountains and around cascading waterfalls. Visitors love cruising along the magnificent fjord and its many branches. After which one can call it a day by attending the Oslo fjord with a Norwegian buffet or experience the Norwegian taste.

The Midnight Sun

This is one of the most incredible natural phenomena to experience while tours in Norway. During the summertime, you would notice the sun go down, hover around the horizon and immediately rise back up again. It would seem like midday at 1.30 AM in the night. For an exclusive Norwegian experience, you might want to join others for an Oslo walk see learn eat and drink after later on catching Thursdays of Raspeball in the afternoon to set the mood right for the midnight sun experience.

Just to mention a few, Norway is a beautiful destination that everyone should visit.