Best Nepal Tours & Travel

Nepal is one of a hand full of countries around the world where modernisation is yet to take hold and traditional customs are still an integral part of day to day life of local people. Nepal is land located between China and India and has a wide range of territories, from humid wooded plains of the Terai, to the highest and iciest mountain peaks of the earth, massive and challenging Himalaya Mountains, making it a unique destination to visit. One of the most popular things to do is the Nepal trekking tour package and you can find different routes to choose from on this page - from cultural treks to mountaneering expeditions.

Nepal Trekking Tour Packages

The main reason people flock to Nepal is to complete the gruelling Everest Base Camp Trek. At an altitude of 5,364 metres, it’s no surprise the hike takes around 6 days, but you’ll be welcomed by insane views and a feeling of accomplishment that nobody can take off you!

Even though Mount Everest is the highest mountain, there are other incredible Nepal trekking tour packages to complete including Mount Kanchenjunga, try also Mount Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

If high altitudes aren’t for you there are plenty of sea level activities to make your trip to Nepal unforgettable. Check out the temples of Kathmandu or take a jungle safari through Chitwan National Park and don’t forget to try the local dishes, including buffalo curry, yum!