Tourists plant trees (TPT)

Global warming is increasing at an alarming rate. The desert condition of Africa is aggravating. Our day to day activities are affected as a result of deforestation, soil erosion, and poor management of natural resources, land degradation etc. As an example, in Ethiopia, 70 % of the land is bared as a result of deforestation. Endemic wild animals are migrating to the nearby Kenya or Tanzania.

The biosphere of the world can be returned to a modern environment in which all animals, birds, human beings live breathing pure oxygen and drinking pure water. This is achieved through planting forests, as trees are sources of oxygen which is essential for everyone’s life.

Exploriada stands to support remedies for climate change. Our tour facilitates individuals to plant trees upon travelling in Africa. We have seedling farms a tourist may plant upon trekking on mountains, hiking to bared landscapes to return first an oxygen abundance and second to return the wild animals, those which fleed from the area as a consequence of deforestation and poor management of natural resources.


How it work? TPT

Take seedlings of variety of vegetables any where you are travelling, plant it in the place we are preparing, label with your name & tour codes will be displayed to advertise your contribution to the Eco tourism of this country.

Next introduce seedling skills and help the farmers associations capacity building in tree planting etc.


Donate money to plant trees in Africa

There are many sustainable projects we should address, at the moment the fastest tool we design is to make tourists plant trees while visiting Ethiopia.

There are two methods to do it:

  • The first Adopt a tree before you come to Ethiopia by donating some money to our bank account in England so that we can buy trees seedlings and plant in your name
  • The second option is adopting/planting trees while you are travelling in Ethiopia or Kenya etc as we offer you tree seedlings on the trip.