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Devil's Bridge Gorge

Visited as early as 1893 and fitted out to be accessible for most people, the DEVIL'S BRIDGE GORGES offer the visitor a gripping picture of the power of erosion. The jagged profile of the sides and their shaded coulours give the whole site a weird appearance attenuated by the magnificent surrounding forests.

This defile, partly underground, gouged into very hard grey marble links surprisingly the Leman's Lake area and the CHABLAIS Massifs.

The shine of rocks carpeted by deposits in ochre, bluish or green, eroded and hewn by potholes, the amazing vigour of the flora and unusual light make a visit to this sombre gorge, carved by the Dranze de Morzine through the Aar stone, an unforgettable experience. Its walls rise some 60m. Hanging in the air, a huge rock is jammed between its walls 40m above the water, creating the fantastic natural crossing.

The site is classified as a national natural wonder since 1908.