The 8 Benefits of Family Travel

This year, from 3rd – 9th February, the U.K. celebrates Children’s Mental Health Week. The annual event draws attention to the importance of children and young people’s mental health. The theme this year is to find your brave'.

Bravery can come in all shapes and sizes, no matter the age. We can think of no better way for children to find their brave by gaining self and social awareness, increased confidence and self-esteem than the act of travelling.

Allow your kids to find their brave by travelling to a destination quite unlike their own. Here are the 8 benefits of travelling with your family.

A mother with her three children, splashing in a swimming pool next to a beach.

1. Promotes adaptability

Travel is full of unpredictable and unfamiliar environments. It’s not just culture, language and food that can throw off feelings of balance; add in a delayed train, poor weather or perhaps an unexpectedly long queue and your plans are bound to change. Teaching your kids to become flexible around new cultures, activities and situational circumstances allows them to learn the art of patience and adapt to uncertain circumstances. There’s no doubt that travel will take your kids out of their comfort zone, preparing them for the unknown challenges that life can bring.

2. Quality time and shared experiences

There’s no denying our lives (and our children’s lives) are now busier than ever before. The family can become so busy with after-school activities and work, that we can often go for days at a time without sharing a deep conversation. It is only when a family shares a holiday together that we can gain uninterrupted time to interact and connect. Spending quality time with your kids makes for a more enriching experience for all and often our childhood vacations create long-lasting memories for everyone.

3. Promotes a global education

Travelling to a new country gives children the opportunity to learn the similarities and differences between the new culture and their own. It has been scientifically proven that family vacations can help in a child’s brain development. This not only improves concentration but is also beneficial to physical and mental health.

Not only that, little ones interested in history might get a jump on their school term by visiting the destination their studies are focusing on. Or perhaps you’d like your family to learn a new language or expand their culinary tastes. Whichever direction your travels take, your children’s knowledge will undoubtedly expand.

4. Kids need to de-stress too

Mother and child standing on the shore of a snowy beach at sunset

Perhaps your kids are about to start exam season, change schools or begin summer classes. They’ll likely be stressed about workload, meeting new friends or refining their choice on subjects for the following year. Happy holiday experiences trigger our brains so that they produce good neurochemicals including oxytocin and dopamine. These happy hormones allow us to relax and reduce our stress levels. Travelling is the perfect excuse to allow those worries to fade away.

5. Promotes social awareness

Travelling to destinations where children are exposed to developing countries will expand their appreciation for what they have, that perhaps they had once taken for granted. Children can understand how lucky they are and for what they have by witnessing first-hand how children from other countries spend their spare time.

6. Your holidays are balanced with rest and activity

It’s nothing new for you to learn that kids need activities to feel entertained while they’re on holidays. The good news is, your little ones are likely to be tuckered out each day and need to go to bed early. Meaning you too will get a good night’s sleep. Travelling with kids means you’ll get plenty of rest, yet your days are going to be filled with plenty of things to do.

Father with his child on his back trekking in the mountains

7. Kids come with privileges

Travelling with kids gives you and your family all kinds of privileges. If you’re planning on flying, for example, it will mean you’ll begin boarding first before other travellers, allowing plenty of time for you to settle in for the flight. You might even receive little gifts from your chosen airline. But it’s not just airlines that offer privileges, some attractions allow kids admission for free or might offer access to other zones just for kids. This will make your trip more affordable overall as well as give you a different perspective of the place.

8. Boosts confidence (and bravery)

While travelling with your children, you’re giving them an opportunity to boost their confidence through the things they experience along the way. Each new place offers the family a chance to experience different living habits, languages and cuisines. They’ll also have the opportunity to interact and explore with local children allowing them to improve their social and interpersonal skills.

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by  Lexi Connors

Lexi is your ultimate wanderlust enthusiast with an incurable case of curiosity and a deep passion for action on climate change. You can read more of her work Find her on Facebook or Instagram @avaycay.