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Discover Morocco Unplugged: a 10-day adventure designed to disconnect you from the digital realm and immerse you in the captivating beauty and culture of Morocco. From Marrakech to the Sahara Desert, Fes, and Chefchaouen, embark on a journey of mindfulness and personal renewal. Leave behind technological distractions and embrace deep connections and unforgettable experiences in this unique odyssey.

Day 1: Digital Unplugging in Marrakech

Welcome to Marrakech! Step into a world of tranquillity as you begin your digital detox journey. Store your mobile devices safely away and embrace the peaceful ambience of our traditional riad. Engage with your surroundings and fellow guests, free from the distractions of calls and texts. It's time to fully immerse yourself in the experience!

Day 2: Mindful Exploration of Marrakech

Ready for an unforgettable day in Marrakech? Let's dive into the city's rich history and vibrant culture, leaving your digital devices behind. you'll wander through the Medina, soaking up its heritage and mingling with talented artisans and storytellers in the lively souks. Later, you'll indulge in a cooking class, savouring every flavour mindfully. In the afternoon, get hands-on with Moroccan cuisine in a workshop led by locals. and wrap up the day with a visit to a hammam for some traditional spa treatments.

Day 3: Serene Journey to Dades Valley

As you travel to Dades Valley, take in the stunning scenery outside your windows. It's a chance to engage in deep conversations, ponder your thoughts, and fully enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Let's turn this road trip into a voyage of self-discovery, where journaling or meditating become your partners in the midst of serene surroundings.

Day 4: Connected to Culture & Nature in Dades Valley

In the enchanting Dades Valley, guests are treated to a delightful break from the digital world, embracing a day filled with nature's wonders and rich local traditions. Wander along the breathtaking trails of the Valley of Roses, where every step unveils stunning vistas untouched by screens. Engage in heartwarming encounters with the welcoming Berber communities, stepping into their traditional homes and savouring authentic meals together. As night falls, gather beneath the twinkling starry sky for captivating storytelling sessions, weaving bonds of friendship and community amidst the magical backdrop of the Dades Valley, where the only distraction is the beauty of nature itself.

Day 5: Embracing the Sahara's Simplicity

Step into the tranquil embrace of the Sahara Desert, where simplicity reigns supreme and the rush of modern life fades away for a rejuvenating digital detox. Embark on a serene camel trek, leaving the hustle and bustle behind as you traverse the mesmerizing dunes. Spend a night under the twinkling stars in a cosy desert camp, where the only agenda is to unwind and reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. In this vast expanse of natural beauty, find solace and presence as you let go of digital distractions and embrace the serenity of the desert landscape.

Day 6: Silent Sands: Merzouga's Unplugged Serenity

In Merzouga, each day commences with the captivating spectacle of a Saharan sunrise, casting a serene ambience ideal for embarking on a mindful journey amidst the desert's expanse. Guided walks over the rolling dunes foster a deeper connection with the natural cadence of this arid landscape. The adventure unfolds with a timeless camel ride into the sunset, followed by the exhilaration of sandboarding down the sandy slopes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture with a visit to Gnaoua musicians, while exploring nomadic tents offers a glimpse into a simpler existence. As night falls, communal camaraderie blossoms beneath the twinkling canopy of stars, enabling guests to fully embrace the present moment, liberated from the grip of digital distractions, and attuned to the desert's rhythm and newfound companionships.

Day 7: Enchanting Nature Trail to Fes

Travelling towards Fes, immerse yourself in the tranquil scenery of Ifrane and Midelt. Ifrane captivates with its picturesque alpine views, while the awe-inspiring mountains of Midelt ignite a sense of wonder. A visit to the lively Monkey Forest adds a playful twist, where you can observe Barbary macaques in their natural habitat, all while enjoying a blissfully device-free experience. This journey not only fosters a deeper connection with nature but also sparks enriching conversations and amplifies the joy of disconnecting from digital distractions.

Day 8: Fes's Timeless Wonders: Immersive Cultural Exploration

In Fes, guests dive into the vibrant tapestry of history and culture, leaving behind the distractions of modern technology. Embark on a journey through the UNESCO World Heritage Medina, where architectural wonders like the Bou Inania Madrasa and Al-Qarawiyyin University await exploration. With phones set aside, you'll find yourself delving deeper into the stories behind treasures such as the Attarine Madrasa and Bab Boujloud. A hands-on lively ceramic workshop, connecting with Fes's rich artisanal traditions firsthand. And what better way to unwind than with a visit to a traditional hammam, offering a blissful conclusion to a day filled with cultural immersion and historical discovery?

Day 9: Tranquil Transition: From Fes to Chefchaouen

Begin your journey at Volubilis, where you'll delve into the captivating Roman ruins, fostering a deep connection with this archaeological wonder. In Meknes, an imperial city, embrace the beauty of the present moment as you soak in the rich history and architectural marvels that surround you. As you travel through the Moroccan countryside, let tranquillity wash over you, taking in the scenic beauty that prepares you for the unique ambience awaiting you in Chefchaouen. Upon arrival in the enchanting blue-hued town, known for its serene atmosphere, continue your digital detox journey. Immerse yourself fully in the charm and quietude of this captivating destination, leaving the hustle and bustle of modern life behind.

Day 10: Serenity on the Road to Tangier: A Farewell Journey

Embark on the final leg of our journey, from serene Chefchaouen to vibrant Tangier, marking the end of a rejuvenating digital detox adventure. Amidst Morocco's varied landscapes, free from digital distractions, guests form meaningful bonds with fellow travellers. In Tangier, a blend of Mediterranean and Atlantic vibes awaits, gently easing guests back into the connected world. From exploring cultural gems to savouring coastal vistas, it's a day of reflection and departure, leaving with cherished memories and souvenirs, embracing a newfound love for living in the moment and appreciating the world around us."

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