Northern Ethiopia Historic Tour 7 days

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It is a short version of the tour to historical Ethiopia routes which does not include trekking trip on Semien Mountains & a visit to Axum in the Tigray region from the whole loop of historical Ethiopian cities.

Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Lake Tana monasteries, Blue Nile waterfall, Gondar, Lalibela rock-hewn churches are famous attractions in the loop. Overland trip.

Day 1 Blue Nile Gorge - Bahir Dar

Drive to Bahir Dar town from Addis early morning. Driving 525 km with the possibility of stopover at Portuguese bridge - the first bridge in Ethiopia made over river Nile and have a glance of Blue Nile gorge.

Overnight: Bahir Dar – hotel

Day 2 Lake Tana - Ortodox Monasteries

Boat sail on Lake Tana identifying the Abay river path by its muddier water compared to the waters of Tana. Harbour at 3 of the 37 Island monasteries and explore the Ethiopian Orthodox church treasures of Holy Icons and admire the church as it is the main habitat for Ethiopian biodiversity, bird life and aquatic animals including hippo are easily seen here.

Overnight: Bahir Dar – hotel

Day 3 Blue Nile Falls - Gondar

Drive 30 km to the town of Tis Abay that means ”Smoking Abay (Nile river)” to see the gigantic Blue Nile river waterfall. It becomes 400 meter wide in rainy seasons. Drive back to Bahir Dar to stay overnight in Gonder town revising the city tour of Bahir Dar. Visit the Ethiopian Jewish (Falashas) in Gonder in the afternoon.

Overnight: Gonder – hotel

Day 4 Royal castles of Gondar

Full day wander in Gonder town visiting the UNESCO registered world wonders of royal castles with the bath of king Fasiledes. After lunch break walk to Debre Berhan Selasie church known by its roof paintings and the Qusquam St. Mary complex.

Overnight: Gonder – hotel

Day 5 Debre Tabor - Lalibela

After breakfast drive to Lalibela town. Turn right before Debre Tabor to see the Awara Amba community known for equal division of labor, self administered peoples ignoring the presence of government, politics, religion etc.

Overnight: Lalibela – hotel

Day 6 Lalibela

Visit half of the 11 rock hewn churches in the morning (Bête Medhane Alem, Bête Maryam, Bête Gholgota, Bête Denagil, Sina, Bête Giorgis) and the rest in the afternoon. Stunning the stones carved to make these monolithic churches in the 12 century, using the tools of that time displayed in the museum. Entrance for the whole churches for 5 days is 400 birr the most expensive place according to Ethiopians for these the first must see place in Ethiopia.

Overnight: Lalibela – hotel

Day 7 Cave monasteries - Addis Ababa

Transfer to airport to fly back to Addis on the way to airport visit the cave monastery of Nakuto’leab, in Lalibela and end the visit in Ethiopia attending Ethiopian cultural music & traditional food and drink at Yod Abyssinia traditional restaurant close to the air port in Addis Ababa.

Overnight: Addis Ababa – Bole Airport to return back to your country.


Day 7 Desse

Drive to Addis Ababa via Desse from Lalibela overland and stay one night in Desse town to head to Addis the next day. Visiting Ayteyef Palace & city tour in Desse in the afternoon.

Overnight: Desse – hotel

Day 8 Addis Ababa - Traditional food & music

Drive to Addis Ababa, go shopping and end the visit in Ethiopia attending Ethiopian cultural music & traditional food and drink at Yod Abyssinia traditional restaurant close to the air port in Addis Ababa. Then fly abroad or

Overnight: Addis Ababa – hotel

  • Lalibela
  • Axum
  • Gondar
  • Gonder
  • Bahir Dar
  • Monasteries
  • Lake Tana

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