Circuit Algiers - Tamanrasset - Djanet - Algiers 14 days

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The Ahaggar (Hoggar) National Park, created in 1987 to preserve the region's fantastic natural resources, is one of the largest protected areas in the world (it occupies an area roughly the size of France). At the heart of the park, the city of Tamanrasset, with a very relaxed atmosphere, has developed at the foot of the dark Hoggar massif.

Surrounding the sleepy oasis of Djanet, the steep plateau of Tassili N'Ajjer is also part of the country's protected areas. Its caves and canyons contain a profusion of rock paintings and engravings, illustrations of the abundant flora and fauna that once inhabited the Sahara.

Without forgetting Algiers the white (la Blanche), with its Kasbah and its architectural diversity.

Day 1 (Sunday) Algiers

Reception and assistance; transfer to the hotel with a stop on the heights of the city to discover Makam Echahid. This monument erected in the early 1980s, in memory of the Algerian fighters who fell for the liberation of the country, dominates the city from its ninety-two meters in height. It is made up of three joined concrete palm trees, which symbolize the three revolutions.

Check-in to the hotel. Dinner at the hotel and overnight stay.

Day 2 (Monday) Algiers

Visit of the Kasbah beginning with the Dey Palace, which we name "Dar Essoltane", visit of the century-old house. Then, we meet the cabinetmaker Khaled Mahiout who will show us his workshop. Visit of the Sidi Ramdane mosque, then visit of the Bir Chebana fountain; and many other Casbah palaces. Lunch in the fishery district where stands the New Mosque (Djamâa el-djedid).

After lunch: Departure for a city tour of Algiers to see the famous Algiers Central Post Office (Grande Poste), the national theater, the Wilaya (the prefecture of Algiers) or the Galeries de France, converted into a museum of modern art. Then we will go to the heights of Algiers to admire the Notre-Dame d'Afrique basilica which overlooks the famous district of Bâb el Oued.

Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 3 (Tuesday) Cherchell - Tipaza - Tomb of the Christian Woman

Departure towards Cherchell, the ancient Roman Caesarea. It has a museum of exceptional ancient sculptures, the National Museum of Cherchell, with on the left the bust of King Juba II, sculptures of the heads of Selene his wife and his mother Cleopatra. The Place des Martyrs, the old Esplanade square - Roman square adorned with a replica of a Roman fountain, the original of which is in the museum, it is surrounded by a magnificent plantation of Ombu (tree of subtropical origin) and multiple fragments of antique works. Direction Tipasa (city famous for its Roman archaeological remains).

Fish lunch and walk on the ancient port.

Then visit of the ancient city located in the West hill, the theater, the circus, the thermal baths (this site is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site). Many Punic, Roman, Christian and African remains attest to the rich history of this region. On the way back, small detour to visit the Tomb of the Christian Woman (Queen Selene wife of Juba II).

Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4 (Wednesday) Algiers - Tamanrasset

Flight from Algiers airport at 07:35 am arrival at 10:00 am in Tamanrasset. Departure to the Assekrem refuge, through the Atakor Massif with prestigious reliefs (Lharane, Adaouda, Illamane, Akar-Akar, Tahat).


Then visit the magnificent site where Charles de Foucauld lived.

Dinner and overnight near its hermitage.

Day 5 (Thursday) Hirafok - Idèles - Tellouet

Breakfast. Departure to Hirafok, a Tuareg village on the edge of the Atakor massif.

Lunch then we will continue with Idèles, another village to enjoy the gardens. Bivouac a little further, in the Tellouet wadi, a carpet of sand planted with tamarisk, at the foot of a small black basalt cliff.

Day 6 (Friday) Tellouhet - Afara - Amadror - Tihodaine - Afara

Breakfast From Tellouhet, direction Afara, vast sandy plain, at the foot of Tassili N'Ajjer. First a crossing of the great plain of Amadror to the wonderful Erg of Tihodaine, a tangle of dunes strewn with Neolithic remains.

Then from Tihodaine to Afara, along the cliff of TassiliN'Ajjer, passing by wadis and rocks and beautiful sand dunes, to finally set up a camp for the night.

Day 7 (Saturday) Akba - Tamedet - Tassili N'Ajjer - Tasset - Dider - Assar - Akba de Tamedet

Departure for the Tassili cliff to the magnificent site of Tasset. Continuation towards Dider, a vast plateau where it is possible to admire the impressive gueltas of Assar and its engravings among the most beautiful of the Sahara, in particular the recumbent antelopes and that of "the enormous ox with arabesques".

Then bivouac in one of the small wadis of the Tassili N'Ajjer plateau.

Day 8 (Sunday) Akba Pass - Tin Teradjeli - Erg Admer - Djanet

Early in the morning, passing through the impressive Akba Pass of Tin Teradjeli we will reach the Admer plain, a vast sandy area between the cliff of the plateau and the high dunes of Erg Admer.

Arrival in the evening at Djanet to spend the night in the guest house.

Day 9 (Monday) Tadrart Massif - El Beridj of Djanet

South-east direction to reach the Tadrart massif, frequented throughout the Neolithic period. Its wadis, appreciated by pastors, shelter many traces of their passage. Unlike its neighbor Tamanrasset, it only takes about ten kilometers to find a lunar landscape. Once past the paved road, initiates feel like they are returning home after a long absence. Neophytes, for their part, remain speechless in the face of such "harmonious" chaos. We explore the region of El Beridj, made up of large canyons bordered by dark sandstone cliffs where we have the opportunity to admire our first rock engravings.

Dinner and overnight in bivouac in the Oued El Beridj.

Day 10 (Tuesday) Moul N'Aga

Walk and drive in this picturesque universe. Crossing immense circuses carved out of enormous caves and dotted with impressive arcades. Where the sand has seeped into the side of the cliff, we can admire shades of red and ocher. Along the way, we will discover new paintings, mainly from the Bovidian era: great hunters armed with spears, surrounded by their dogs, pursuing a sheep with heavy horns.

Bivouac and overnight stay.

Day 11 (Wednesday) Djaren Canyon - Tin Merzouga

Departure to the immense canyon of Djaren. Its cliffs, sculpted by erosion, are home to many frescoes and rock engravings: elephants, giraffes, cattle of all kinds. Through this labyrinth we will continue towards the pearl of Tadrart: Tin Merzouga. Culminating at an altitude of 1300 meters, it blocks the entire horizon with its saffron and red dunes that light up at sunset. For the more courageous, his assault is a real challenge but the reward is in the end with a 360 degree view.

Dinner and overnight stay in a bivouac in Tin Merzouga.

Day 12 (Thursday) Oued In Djaren - Cathedral of Tamezguida

As every morning, depart for a short walk to appreciate, in total silence, the true dimension of the desert. Then, in our vehicles, we will find the wadi In Djaren and its vegetation (acacias, roses of Jericho, henbane which grew during the last flood) until reaching the cathedral of Tamezguida and its immense arcades. Also in the canyon of In Djaren, visit of rock engravings and paintings including fish on the walls of Tadrart and the only seated giraffe of all the Tassilis.

Dinner and overnight stay in a bivouac at the exit of In Djaren, in the dunes of In Djelati if the wind permits.

Day 13 (Friday) Tegharghart - Djanet

After breakfast,we will visit Tegharghart's engravings of (the crying cow) then return to the town of Djanet.

In the afternoon visit of the city of Djanet, walks and discover of crafts. Dinner and soiree.

Day 14 (Saturday) Djanet - Algiers


Transfer to airport assistance and return flight from Djanet 03:30 am arrival in Algiers at 05.55 am.

International airport transfer and return flight.

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  • Reception and assistance at Djanet airport
  • Assistance + Airport / hotel transfers round trip
  • 3 nights in a 3* hotel in Algiers
  • Flight Algiers 07:35 AM - Tamanrasset 10:00 AM
  • 1 night at Assekrem
  • 3 nights in bivouac
  • 1 night in a guest house in Djanet
  • 4 nights in Bivouac
  • Flight Djanet 03:30 AM - Algiers 05:30 AM
  • Full board from Diner on D1 to Diner on D13
  • 4x4 vehicle + driver
  • English, French or Arabic speaking guide throughout the tour
  • Visits in the program included
  • Visa documents included


  • International flight
  • Multi-risk cancellation and repatriation insurance
  • Drinks, extras and personal expenses
  • Visa fees
  • Single supplement: + 120 €


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Nearest airport: Houari Boumediene Airport (ALG)

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    Eco-friendly accommodation
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