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Gruyères Castle

The castle surmounting the medieval town is remarkable for its imposing architecture and its historical collections. Furthermore, the innovative and breathtaking the Multimedia show "Gruyères" brings the visitor out of time.

The crane (in french: “grue”) - its heraldic representation - inspired the name Gruyères. Despite the importance of the House of Gruyères its beginnings remain quite mysterious.

Nineteen counts are accounted for in the period between the 11th and 16th century. The last of them, Michel, had been in financial trouble almost all his life only to end in bankruptcy in 1554. His creditors the cantons of Fribourg and Bern shared his earldom between them. From 1555 to 1798 the castle became residence to the bailiffs and then to the prefects sent by Fribourg. In 1849 the castle was put up for sale and sold to the Bovy and Balland families, who stayed at the castle during summer time and restored it with the help of their painter friends.

The castle was then bought back by the canton of Fribourg in 1938, made into a museum and opened to the public. Since 1993, a foundation ensures the conservation as well as the highlighting of the building and the collection

The medieval town of Gruyères, once the seat of the powerful Counts of Gruyères, has so much to apeal to one: the magnificent backdrop of mountains, the building, and last not least the Museum of HR Giger, the creator of Alien. Gruyères has endowed its name both to the region and to the delicious cheese.