Las Fallas

15 Mar19 Mar(date to be confirmed)

Exhuberant and anarchic, Las Fallas is Europe's wildest spring party, which is a pretty big deal for what is essentially a glorified puppet show. It's a time when the city is all but taken over by the fallas, which are huge sculptures of papier-mache on wood, built by teams of local artists. Each neighbourhood sponsors its own falla, and when the town wakes after the planta (overnight placement of the fallas) on the morning of 16 March, more than 350 have been erected. Reaching up to 15m in height, with the most expensive costing more than 350,00 euro to build, these grotesque, colourful effigies satirise celebrities, current affairs and local customs. Though the festival begins on 12 March, it doesn't really get going until after the planta. The fallas are placed at various locations around the city and you have four days to


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