Festival of the Tooth

Esala Perahera

31 Jul14 Aug(date to be confirmed)

Kandy is a beautiful city in Sri Lanka. On a small hill is a great temple which was especially built to house a relic of the Buddha - his tooth. The tooth can never be seen, as it is kept deep inside may caskets. But once a year in August, on the night of the full moon, there is a special procession for it. But other festivities occur on ten days leading to that final day.

The Festival of the Tooth is celebrated every year in the month of Asalha (July). The festival is the time for great rejoice for the native people and even foreigners are not behind in celebration of the festival. They come from far and near to be a part of this festival which has now become one of the most famous events of not only the town but also the Buddhist world


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Dalada Maligawa, Kandy
Sri Lanka
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